Why ‘Bean Dad’ Is Trending On Twitter 2021

In the event that you wandered onto Twitter during the principal few days of 2021, you were likely asking why everybody was discussing Bean dad.

Ben Dad

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The appropriate response: “Bean Dad” turned into Twitter’s first “principle character” of the year, the individual who has a particularly terrible take that individuals feel constrained to dunk on them.

On Saturday night, artist and podcaster John Roderick shared a story about his ravenous 9-year-old little girl needing some heated beans. 23 tweets later, we got the full story.


Fundamentally, the youngster needed to eat the prepared beans. Roderick considered this to be an “educating second.” He needed her to open the can herself. His little girl didn’t see how a can opener functioned on the grounds that she is 9 years of age. Roderick needed her to sort out how the can opener functioned herself. After six hours, the baffled 9-year-old sorted out some way to open the container of beans with the can opener.

The story, and the tone in which it was told, chafed Twitter. “She’s 9,” “End of the world Dad,” and an exasperated all-covers “SIX HOURS” moved on Twitter all Sunday morning.

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