8 Best Affiliate Programs in India – Highest Paid – 2021

The Best Affiliate Programs in India: If you have the knowledge of Affiliate Marketing and you are searching the legit and trusted Affiliate Programs in India, you are at the very right place!

Because Affiliate Program is one of the best way to Earn Money Online.

But you should not start any affiliate program in the dark, you should first research the best and high commission paying affiliate network.

Here I have researched very deeply and listed the best affiliate programs in India 2020.

In 2020, more than 1 million times search has been done “Best Affiliate programs in India 2020.”

Best Affiliate Programs in India for 2021

It’s not very simple to scan any affiliate network and come to the conclusion that can we start a business with them or not.

I have listed the upcoming best affiliate programs in India by researching and working with them.

Do you really want to register on high paying affiliate network?

Bluehost – Very High Commission Paying Affiliate Network

Bluehost Affiliate Commission: $65/sale

Yes, You are seeing the truth, Bluehost is giving Flat $65 as an affiliate commission on a single sale of Bluehost hosting.

I hope you know what is the Bluehost, Bluehost is a very reputed and well-known hosting company.

It has various plans for hosting, if you promote Bluehost via affiliate marketing, your account will be credited by $65 per sale.

Best Affiliate Programs in India


You can promote this affiliate program in your ways, there are no bearers from Bluehost while promoting.

For example,

  • Bluehost is not asking you for having a website
  • Bluehost doesn’t ask for traffic
  • Bluehost doesn’t need to have a bulk of audience with you

SEMRush – Amazing Affiliate Program

SEMRush is All in One SEO Toolkit and it is the top competitor and the best alternative of Ahrefs tool.

And it is not beneficial for SEO use only, it is one of the best affiliate programs in India till now.

  • Site Audit
  • Tracks Ranking of your Site
  • Analysis of Competitor
  • Longtail Keywords Ideas Pro
  • Verify content quality
  • Many more feature rather than these

Too many people are earning too much revenue from the Berush Affiliate programs.

SEMRush affiliate program is known as Berush Affiliate program also.

SEMRush is providing an attractive commission as an affiliate commission.

Whenever you refer the SEMRush tool to anyone, and he purchases it with your affiliate link, you get the commission.

Berush Affiliate Program enables you to earn up to 40% amount of sales as an affiliate commission


Threshold amount : $50

Affiliate Commission: Up to 40%

Best Affiliate Programs in India

You can join the Berush Affiliate program and start earning online by affiliate marketing with SEMRush.

If you want to purchase SEMRush tool, you can click on below link.

We may earn some commission if you purchase SEMRush tool from our Affiliate link.

Aweber – Promote More Earn Mor Affiliate Program

If you are earning online by affiliate marketing, you have a blog, you are doing affiliate marketing, you have any course to sell, or you run any online teaching firm, Email Marketing is a must in nowadays.

You can refer the people who are doing one or more business from above mentioned.

Why I listed Aweber in one of the best affiliate programs in India?

Aweber is an Email Marketing tool which is the best tool ever for email marketing of your products or course or anything.

It provides too much facilities and services in very low cost.

And if you refer an affiliate link to the audience, and if anyone purchases Aweber from your affiliate link, you would get a recurring commission.

Aweber Affiliate Commission: 30%/Month (Recurring)

It means if you have generated a sales of $99 package, then you will be earning 30% of $99 i.e $29.7 per month until a subscriber cancels his services with Aweber.

Don’t you think that it is the time to earn some money online?

This is the reason why Aweber deserves the title of one of the best affiliate programs in India.

Best Affiliate Programs in India

Are you looking for that affiliate program that provides you an affiliate commission without product purchase?


Below is that one!

Media.net – Overall Best Affiliate Program

If you have a good blog and your most traffic is coming through the USA, UK, and Canada, then you have a very great opportunity to earn money online in India or from anywhere.

You can earn two times income online using media.net ad network.

First, you will get the revenue i.e CPC as impressions and clicks of your published ads.

Second, if anyone registers on media.net via your affiliate or referral link, you would get some percentage of his earnings.

Isn’t it Glorious??

Will you not put this affiliate program in one of the best affiliate programs in India?

Yes, you will definitely do!

Basically, it is an ad network but it also provides the affiliate programs to enable you to generate more earning.

And you can earn very much money online by using this ad network and its affiliate programs as well.

Amazon: Best Affiliate Programs in India for Beginners

You might be aware of the Amazon Affiliate program, in spite of I will explain to you here, you will get some different information.

Note: If you are from India and targeting the Indian Audience for the promotion (Affiliate Marketing) for the products, then make sure that you are registering on amazon.in not on amazon.com.

After registration on amazon associate (Amazon Affiliate Program), you will get links, banners, widgets, Flash banners to promote the products.

The most benefit of amazon associate is that you must not have a blog or youtube channel, or funnel, you can promote the amazon products by any platform.

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

You need to follow the below link to create associate account (affiliate program) on amazon.in.

Are you health-conscious and looking for an affiliate program for health products affiliate programs?

Here you Go!

NutriProfits – Best Affiliate Program for Health Products

If you are in search of the best affiliate programs in India in the health products, you can go with the NutriProfits affiliate program.

It is very recommended to have a good knowledge about health and fitness filed.

If you do not have it, do not worry, you can gain it by research on Google and YouTube.

Like, I did not have proper knowledge, I did deep research on it for almost 2 months, and collected a very accurate and legit data.

And then I started to do affiliate marketing for health and fitness products, hence, honestly, I did not have received any sales, but I know it takes time.

So, similarly, you should also project for 1 year at least for affiliate sales.

There are a lot of health products affiliate programs in india and over the world.

And you also know that nowadays the public over the world is very health conscious and they are spending too much money on health.

It’s also very true that there are very high competition in health and fitness niche.

NutriProfits is a company which is selling the health products and also offering a huge commission on each product’s sales.

Best affiliate programs in India

You can see the commission amount and sell amount in above image.

It’s also right that you will have to hard work to generate sales in this niche, but yes, once you generate sales, you will keep earning forever.

This program is not available for every country.

Let me explain in details!

If you are located in India and this program is not for India, then it does not mean that you can not register and promote the products of this affiliate program.

It means that you will have to promote the products in the countries except India.

If you promote the products, and someone purchases it from your affiliate link from India, you will not get an affiliate commission because India is not available on the list.

Hostinger – Best Affiliate Programs in India

You might be thinking that how can I put the Hostinger affiliate program in the list of the best affiliate programs in India, right?

Because I have experienced Hostinger services when I started my blogging career.

Hostinger hosting service is the best hosting company for the beginners.

You can recommend the Hostinger hosting services by promoting the Hostinger to the beginners and if any of them buys from your affiliate link, you will earn an affiliate commission.

There are terms and conditions of Hostinger Affiliate programs which you must read before promoting it.

Hostinger Terms and Conditions

Whenever we talk about the best affiliate programs in India, it is not only in terms of money or affiliate commission.

We should consider its services, reputation, trust factor, payout services, and many aspects.

Best Affiliate Programs in India

Affiliate Commission: 60% Per Sale

You will have to explore more affiliate programs to find the best affiliate programs in India, and I am sure, You will found at least 50 best affiliate programs in India.

You can clearly see that if anyone purchases Hostinger hosting services from your affiliate link, you will earn a 60% commission of the sales amount.

Don’t you think that this is one of the best affiliate programs in India?

ClickBank- The Best Affiliate Program

If you do not do the affiliate marketing for the above all the affiliate programs, and just do one affiliate marketing with the “Click Bank Affiliate Program”, it’s enough for you to earn a noticeable amount.

This is not just one of the best affiliate programs in India, it’s the best affiliate program in the world.

What is Click Bank

Yes, Click Bank is an Affiliate network but it does not have its own products to sell.

What it does that it ties up with the companies and takes the contracts to sell their products.

Did you not get understood perfectly?

Lets explore by an Example!

Suppose I have a company of video editor making tool which is not very much popular because it’s just launched but having very good quality products.

Now I can run my affiliate program to promote the products and grow the sales.

But there is one barrier to do so and it is ” Trust Issue”.

Because of my brand is not well known in the market, so everyone will not take responsibility to promote my product.

In this case, I will tie-up with Click Bank and give it the contract to promote my products.

Click Bank will publish my products on its tool/website and give the opportunity to the publishers to promote my products.

So, the publisher is tied up with Click Bank will trust my products and promote them and my sales will get increased.

Commission Process

You might be thinking that if Click Bank is running the affiliate program for the third party and giving the commission to the publishers, so what would it be earning?

Here it takes the some amount of total commission decided for the particular product.

Example: If I am giving $50 as a commission on the sales of $120 product sales, then Click Bank will give the publisher $40 and it will keep $10 with it as its earning.

Now, there is not a specific amount or percentage has been decided for the products, it depends on the products and company.

Some companies give 40%, some give 30%, depends on their terms and conditions.

Not able to open the Click Bank account?

Sometimes, some users are not able to register an account on Click Bank due to its security barriers.

In case you are not able to register an account on click bank, there might some security reasons behind it.

In this situation, click bank does not allow to register you by assuming that something is happening wrong or spam activities.

You should take the below actions:

  • Use New another device for registration
  • Use New Gmail or another email id
  • Use a new mobile number

The Biggest Benefit

Do you know that is the biggest benefit of Click Bank Affiliate Program?

I will tell you it.

In Click Bank, there is not any barrier for niche selection.

You will not have to register on different different portals according to your niche.

Click bank does have many numbers of products and niches.

You can choose any of them according to your niche and can start to promote.

Language Selection: You have a great option to choose your language, so if anyone is not good in English, and want to have details and promotion in his regional language, he can go ahead.


In my opinion, there are many best affiliate programs in India, you just need to keep an eye, and pick it.

You should not waste time to find the best of best thing.

Because sometimes we lose the best in search of better.

Just Register on the affiliate program which seems best, better or good.

Simple, Read terms and conditions, do the research about that affiliate program and if you feel that this a reputed and trusted affiliate program, don’t think twice before registering.

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