How to Earn Money by Data Entry -[2021-2022]

How to Earn Money by Data Entry: In today’s time, Data Entry work is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online. But there are many scams are being happened in this field. So it is very recommendable to double-check and verify the background and history from the employer before ting up with them.

About Security Deposit

There is not any rule or law that the employer can ask for a security deposit from the freelancer for security. Do not pay any amount to any projector as a security deposit.

How to Earn Money by Data EntryIntro

Do you know what is Data entry?

Data Entry work is freelancer work. The public is assuming it as lower quality work, but honestly, I have worked in data entry and made many dollars. There is not only single work in Data Entry field, This is a very big field.

  • Excel Work
  • Copy Paste Typing
  • Content Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Excel to PDF
  • Word to PDF
  • Image to Text
  • Scanned PDF to Text
  • And so on…. Many More

As I mentioned above, you do not need to pay any amount as a security deposit to the work distributor, If anyone asks for the same, it means it is a pure fraud and scam company or person. Many sites are providing a legit and organic work of data entry and believe me you can have real work and paid really. Do you Believe?? Will you believe that I had started a work of data entry in 2016 as part-time as a freelancer. Currently, I acquire a lot of work of data entry and I distribute it to my 6 employees and I earn 30% of the paid amount from the employer and rest 70% I pay to the workers who work for me. You believe or not but Data entry work is one of the best and safe ways to earn money online nowadays without investment. In this article, you are going to see the different ways about how to earn money by data entry.

How to Earn Money by Data Entry Without Investment

Now, as I committed that you can earn money by data entry without investment, right?

Then you would be thinking how can we do that.

Be Aware

You may become victim of Fraud!!!

You must be aware that you are not coming under the influence of any scam or fraud company/person.
Many fraud/scams are representing them as a reputed company of Data Entry Work Outsourcing.
You will have to be aware and keep verifying the originality of their profile.

So, Let’s Explore!

Nothing to do much more to earn money by data entry without investment, just find some legit sites which are providing this kind of work.

Register with them, upload your real profile, post your skills on daily basis.

I am not assuring you that today you registered and from tomorrow you would be getting the work, No, it’s not possible.

When I started my online earning from the data entry journey, I got my first project after almost 4 months.

If you are not able to find those sites, don’t worry, I am going to list some of them here.

Top 5 Data Entry Websites India

There are many sites which are the best to do the Data Entry work.

Here notice that we are not talking about data entry work, but talking about the data entry websites, it means those websites which are providing the data entry work on behalf of the employer.

Here you have one benefit that your payout will be secured.

If we talk about ranking and reputed sites in India, which are providing the data entry work, then you should go on the below sites.


Freelancer is one of the best websites where you can find great work according to your skills.

You will have a lot of data entry work provider and they all are legit.

You can earn money online by working with Freelancer with consistency.

I have an account on freelancer since March 2016 and my earning till now is almost $1000.

The most attractive benefit of this site is that you are secured in terms of payment.

Because freelancer does not allow the employer to post a project without adding fund for payment which will be paid to the freelancer.

how to earn money by data entry

How to Earn money by Data Entry

See, while writing this article I receive an order and guess what, my order is confirmed.

I will be paid $29 after completion, and duration is only 3 days.

how to earn money by data entry

Fiverr – Amazing Platform for Data Entry

Do you want to present your skills at a micro-level and want a specific type of work in Data Entry?

Stop browsing the sites and YouTube channels!

Your search is closed, Go for Fiverr.

Register on, complete your profile, create Gig, publish, and get started receiving orders.

In my opinion and according to my experience, Fiverr is not one of the best platforms for data entry work, but it is the best platform for data entry work and also to earn money online.

In fact, Fiverr is not only for Data Entry work, If you have other filed skills, like writing, content creating, photo editing, video editing, graphics designing, and other skills, you can easily make money online.

How to Earn Money by Data Entry


Rev is a very popular site for data entry work.

This is a transcription work-based data entry work.

You will be given an audio file which you need to convert into the text.

You will not be hired directly, you need to pass the qualifier round first.

How to Earn Money by Data Entry

You will be paid by Rev according to the duration of the audio.

On average standard rate is $0.35 to $0.75 per minute.

Also, you will have to maintain the accuracy of your work otherwise deduction may occur.

I strongly recommend you read the terms and conditions before registering and starting the work.


You may have heard about before, it is a very popular freelancing site from where you can get any kind of freelancing work according to your skills.

But if you are looking for data entry work online, you will get very good and adjustable work from Upwork.

Upwork has a very strong market trust and people’s reputation.

Yes, you will have to submit your profile, they will review manually your profile and then after they will approve or reject with a valid reason.

If they reject your profile, they will give you a proper reason and also will share your tips and ideas to get approved your project to start work.

I am a premium member of Upwork, but due to the time management issue, currently, I can not focus on it for some time.

How to earn money by data entry

According to the pro data entry workers, you should try is one at least once in your professional career.

GURU – Special Site for Data Entry Work

If you want to work on online data entry dedicatedly, there is no other option than

You will get below interfaces after registering.

You can easily find the data entry work online on or according to your other skills on

See, about any site or online earning platform, you will have an overview and little brief knowledge from any blog or YouTube channel.

You will have to explore all things by working with them and will have to gain some good and bad experience around them.

You won’t believe, you will find a lot of offline and online data entry work of various types from this site.

PeoplePerHour – Great Platform for Data Entry Work

Have you ever heard about PeoplePerHour?

This site has almost all kinds of work for freelancers.

But the most attractive module of this site is that this site pays per hour only and therefore you are not bounded with any client for any term or condition.

I have also registered my profile on this site, but never received any orders yet, hence only 14 days have been passed since I registered.

At any platform, you will have to give some time, some effective efforts, then only you can get any order.

How to Earn Money by Data Entry

What is the best site to earn online money for Data Entry?

There are many legit sites on which you can register and start earning money online.

There are also useful for affiliate marketing.

This list does not get ended here, you can explore yourself according to your skills and interest.

These are those sites which are recommended by the pro data entry workers of India.

How much one can earn on data entry job?

Generally, employers pay $1-$30 per project of data entry work.

It depends on the sensitivity and priority of that work.

You may be hired in $5 and you might be hired in $40 also.

Depends on the tenure, quality, sensitivity, volume of the work.

As long as you get mastery in data entry work, you will be called data entry scientist.

You will be charging like a big entrepreneur and a branded projector.

Which is the best data entry jobs from home?

See, there is not any specified work is called the best data entry job from home.

It depends on your interest, skills, work schedule.

Like, I am doing blogging full time, so I can manage only 1 hour for data entry work.

So I will choose and opt in that data entry work which can be accomplished by One hour per day.

You need to research and find those outsource companies which are agreed to make work with you according to your time arrangement.

And Trust me, it is quite easy to search and tie up.

Data entry Jobs Online From Home Without Investment

Now, If you do not want to do a full-time Online Data Entry Work, then you can do it part-time from home also.

Second thing, If you can not afford the deposit or prime membership or any other investment to get online data entry work, you can opt-in for free online data entry jobs from home without investment also.

You will get a free online data entry jobs/work from the above-mentioned sites because they provide free and paid work both.


In my opinion, you should start first from the basic service, free services and as a part-time.

After spending some time in it, you will get receiving small orders which will pay you a little amount, but you should not pause or stop working.

I suggest you, in the starting period, do not focus on earning.

Focus only on creating your branding first, for the initial time offer the best service at a lower rate than the market rate.

As long as you will work, your work will speak instead of you.

I wish you all the best for your new journey.

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