How to Start Affiliate Marketing In India

How to Start Affiliate Marketing In India: Affiliate Marketing means passive income by adding just some extra efforts along with your current profession. A person who wants to do affiliate marketing business will not have to leave his current profession, he can do the same with the running job or business.

You need to just follow some process, use some skills and few hardwork (only when you are beginner), then it will get set on an automated mode and your income will keep generating forever.

Except India, almost all country’s people are generating too much revenue by affiliate marketing business.

The biggest benefit of this business is that this business can be done by home in your extra or spare time and can earn money online from home.

So, in stead of talking about here and there, let’s start exploring how to start affiliate marketing in India.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

Before starting affiliate marketing, you should have a basic knowledge what is affiliate marketing, how it works, about its benefit.

Half knowledge is similar to the double edged sword, I hope you understand what we need to convey.

What is Affiliate Marketing

I assume you have been got the 50% understanding because this term includes the word “Marketing” so, it is final that you need to do marketing for some one or some companies.

Now, it’s time to explore rest 50%.

Yes, you have to do the marketing but in a very different way. Here is a definition of Affiliate Marketing in a very simple words.

Affiliate Marketing means to promote the product of a third party company and get a some percentage amount as a commission from the seller on sales.

how to start affiliate marketing in india
how to start affiliate marketing in india

Let me give an example.

Suppose your friend has opened the sports shop and he is selling 8 bats per day with other accessories also. But he wants to increase his sale and can not afford the salaried person, he has not enough bandwidth and his budget does not allow to increase the bandwidth.

Now, Affiliate Marketing business will help him to achieve his target without adjusting his budget and hiring a salaried person.

He will approach you to sell his products and he will give you 20% commission on each sales generated by your reference, it means if you give him a sale of 1000 Rs, he will give you 200 Rs as a commission amount.

Now, this concept is beneficial for both, you and your friend, Let’s understand how.

Your Benefit

You will not have to invest a single rupee to start a Sport Accessories Business, you will not have to hire a man power to manage, not have to rent a warehouse, Nothing you have to do except promotion, which cost is almost zero if you are familiar with social media.

In spite of investing nothing you get a very good commission.

Seller Benefit

Your friend, who is seller of sport accessories business, will not have to increase his bandwidth, manpower, budget, staff.

He does not need to pay extra to any one, if he hires a person as an employee, your friend will have pay him some amount as a salary per month whether he generates a sale or not.

Now, here he will get free from this headache, if you give him sales, he will have to pay, if you do not, he is not tied up to pay you.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

First you have to make a list of those companies who are offering affiliate marketing business (95% companies are offering).

Then you need to choose some companies by analysis, get registered on their affiliate portal, if they approve (in some cases, you need approval, some do not need approval), you can start your affiliate business.

Now, if  you have got approved from that company, you need to start to promote their products over your network, social media, or you can make a blog or YouTube channel also promote them.

How to Promote Products

As long as your account will get activated, you will be given a unique link (url) for each product, copy that link, and share wherever you want.

Do not share the link here and there, share it in a perfect manner, like if you are going to product a hosting of Alpha Rapid Hosting, then you should share its affiliate link at that place where people are looking for the world’s best hosting provider.

If you are promoting shoes, then you can not share that link on the group of medicines, right?

Join the Facebook group of those people who are looking for a good shoes, and promote the link there, there are very high chances to get sales.

Bonus Benefit

Don’t get misunderstood that you will get commission once on one sale, suppose you have shared a link of a Samsung AC in one group and 11 people bought that AC from your link then you will get commission of 11 sales, isn’t it amazing?

Second Benefit (for Amazon Affiliate Program) 

Caution : Read Carefully

Suppose you have shared a link of a Laptop in Facebook Group, or whatsapp/telegram group to those people who are looking for a desired laptop.

Now, I have opened your link but did not buy it!

Now here is the Magic!

I would open Amazon directly (not by your affiliate link) and purchase anything (or more than one product) or any product, you will get the commission for each and every product even if I am not purchasing from your link.

But here is one condition that I would have to open amazon and purchased within 24 hours from the time that I had opened your affiliate link yesterday.

Let’s understand by example!

Suppose you have shared a link of HP Laptop at 8.30 am of today. I am looking for Laptop and I found your link and I like it, I opened it but did not purchase and closed it.

Now, Again I open amazon before 8.30 AM of tomorrow and purchase laptop and some another products.

You will get commission of each and every purchase done by me before 8.30 am of tomorrow.


See, opportunity is like a jumping ball, each time you bounce, it will come and go, but it depends on you that can you catch it or not and if you can till how long you can hold it.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing industry in this world and it will take many years to get saturated, so you will have to decide that you want to start it now or during the saturation point.



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