India Rejects Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty 2021

India Rejects Nuclear Weapon Ban: This is the first Treaty which is passed by UN. It is about to notice the nuclear weapons holders countries to destroy their nuclear weapons.

What is Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

Nuclear weapons Ban Treaty is the one kind of law which forces to the nuclear weapons holding countries to destroy their nuclear weapons forever.

It does not state that none of countries will not share the nuclear weapons, or not will test the nuclear weapons, they are stating directly that each and every country must destroy their nuclear weapons to establish the silence and security in the world.

This treaty is not specified for some target nuclear weapons holder countries, this law will be applicable for all those countries who are  holding the nuclear countries.

But in spite of UN is promoting this treaty very strongly and aggressively,  no country has signed and accepted this treaty yet.

Purpose to establish this Treaty

According to the Documentary of UN, the purpose of establishing this treaty is to save and protect the world from probable destroy of the world which can be done by the nuclear war.

Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Weapons

UN is saying that, if in future, any country will use the nuclear weapons, it will keep the whole humanity in very big and unavoidable trouble and we can not ignore the upcoming results of the nuclear war.

We can not afford the weak response from the nuclear weapons holders that they will not join.

Everyone supports that thought that none of the countries will use the nuclear weapons, but the fact is that every country who has nuclear weapons, can use them, whatever there are chances to use is less than 1%, but chances exists and it bring the world towards the destroy.

According to the observation and acknowledgment of the nuclear weapon, “The use of Nuclear weapons means the end of human civilization”

Creation of Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty was designed by UN on 7th July 2017 it was not applied to any country, and was not declared officially.

Now, UN has declared it on 22nd January and approaching to all countries to sign it and give the contribution to create the fear free world.

India refused to follow the NWBT

If India accept this treaty, then India must destroy all its nuclear weapons, it has to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

Now, India has not signed this treaty yet by giving some certain reasons.

According to India’s statement, “we did not participate in the negotiations of this treaty in 2017, and we also do not believe that by following this treaty we can move on to the world of nuclear weapons free world.”

India has stated that they really and strongly support this idea, but for that we have to step by step towards this strategy and India has a different thought pattern and we do not support such kind of treaty which forces to ban these weapons.

And well, India has also declared the NFU (No First Use) Policy, so India has assurance to not become a cause of nuclear weapon use initiative.

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