5 Pro Share Market Tips Which will prevent the loss in Share Market

Share Market Tips: Investment of Money is not a small deal, a person who is investing any money in any segment, will hope a good return.

But one question, does every person get an expected returns from investment?

Answer is “NO”, right?

There are certain and specific reasons and affected aspects which cause the failure to fetch expected returns from investment in any segment.

They do not have any plan, they invest a money without any calculation,  planning and then get lost.

Second one is that they do not learn and analyze that field, how deep it is, what are the ups and downs, what are pros and cons and directly get jumped by anyone’s advice and again get lost.

Third one is they do not have a good mentor who can guide him, it is not necessary that mentor must be a human being, you can follow a YouTube channel of a successful investor, you can bookmark a blog, anything, you should have a mentor.

There are many strong reason which cause the loss of investors.

Share Market Tips

Now, coming to the point, Share Market is full of uncertainty , but yes, Vice versa, there are 1:0.7 chances to get the extreme returns from the Share Market. It means that you can invest money 100 times and you can get return 70 times. It seems unrealistic, right?

It is Real, but……

Condition is that you must have knowledge, tips, share market tips, latest updates.

So, here are some very very very useful Share Market Tips which will stop your loss and will push you to get an extreme returns from the Share Market.

Share Market Tips
Share Market Tips

1. Learn and Analyze First

This is a very basic and simple step dude and I think this is not a tip, in spite of it’s mandatory to share here because this is the starting point.

I think, you already know that we should learn and analyze first any work before taking in charge of it.

Same thing applies here, you need to Learn first that what is share market, how the share market works, why it exists.

How many types of trading are done, how many segments are there in the Share Market etc.

You have to learn at least for one month with consistency.

As long as you grab the knowledge, you should go ahead.

2.Invest that Money which you can afford to lose

Don’t be scared by reading the title, here is the explanation.

Here I do not mean that you will lose the money, but everyone knowns that share market does not follow any one, but every one has to follow the share market.

There are very high chances to get the profit but you should remember that there are also chances to loss, right?

So, when you are beginner, you should not expect a very high returns, just invest few money, and keep eyes on the share market, its movement, fluctuations, and then take the next decision.

Suppose you are earning 30,000 per month and you save 6,000 per months after all expenses, then you should invest 500 Rs Per Month in Share Market. 

As a beginner, it is very strongly recommended that you do not tempt to get more returns is few investment.

3. Keep Eye on The Market and Current Affairs

First you will have to observe that what affects the share market, this is one of the most important share market tips, which you will rarely be given by any share market expert.

Observe and note which factors are affecting the share market, which kind of incidents, which kind of movement in market affects the share market.

Sometimes you may have heard that Stock Market got crashed in a couple of minutes due to change of Director of ABC company.

So, here you need to note down that the internal changes of big and reputed companies affects the movement of share market.

If you have noticed, every year, before some weeks of Indian Budget declaration, share market got down very high points, so this one also should be noted.

Now, how can you notice and note down this kind of activity?

Only one solution is that you have to keep eye on the Market and surrounding events happening over the country and world as well.

If you read or hear a news about growing up or falling down the share market, reason is also declared by those medium, so you need to keep eyes and make a well strategy.

4. Invest in Penny Stocks

You might be thinking what are Penny Stocks, right?

Penny Stocks means those stocks which value is less than 50 Rs right now, but with the passage of time, means after few years, it will grow very much and your 50 Rs will be converted into up to 1000 Rs.

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In actual, investment in penny stocks means to get the compounding every year of a small principal amount.

Here are two biggest benefits by investing in a penny stocks.

Very low investment, and very High Returns of low investment.

5. Do not Rely much more on Intra-Day Trading

Intra-day trading is a very good approach to make money in very few time, but you also know that there is not any shortcut for a massive success.

Hence, Intra-day trading gives you quick and high profit, vice versa it can give the big and instant loss 🙂

It is advisable that you can jump into the Intra-day trading when you get good command on stock  market movement and have enough knowledge about some segments and their fluctuations.


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