The Most Embarrassing Event In The History of India: Tractor March – Farmers waved their flag

The most shameful event in the history of India: By reading this you will believe it and your head will bow down in shame, that the people of their own country have mixed the honor of the country.

India has the distinction of diversity and communal unity, which no other country has found in the whole world, and today is our special day i.e. January 26 is our day of Republic, Republic Day, the same day some people hurt the dignity of India. Yes, it has been mixed into the soil.

What is the matter and what happened

You would know that recently the government has passed a bill for farmers, perhaps due to ignorance or any other reason, farmers are not adopting it and are strongly opposing it, although it has been a long time. This protest has taken the form of violence and violence.

Although violence on such an incident has been happening in our country for many years, there is nothing new in it, but never a case has brought the limits of dignity of India, even if India refuses to speak Mother India, but its information Outside of “I will not speak Bharat Mata ki Jai“, he only utters Bharat Mata Ki Jai. 🙂

The incident that happened today, your blood will also boil after knowing that, and you will say that if those people come in front of you, you will cut them alive.

So let’s spend time without knowing what happened.

Neither the government is wary of the ongoing dispute for many days, and neither the farmers are agreeing to take back their protest, and even after the government’s refusal, the farmers went on a march (rally-rally), the government still did some objections Not Taken.

They took out the tractor parade, which they had earlier told that they are going to go out on the tractor parade.

But just like when we finger someone, they hold hands, in the same way, they began to sabotage government property by making the government weak, and violating their rights and dignities.

In response, government employees used lathi charges to stop them, and violence took a major form.

Even till this time, such an incident has happened after independence, but today’s incident has never been happened till in the history of India yet.

Flag of farmers waved on Red Fort

Everyone knows that no flag except the tricolor can be waved at the Red Fort in Delhi, but some people have hurled the dignity of Bharatmata and violated their dignity and rights, and shamelessly made the peasants of the farmers We waved a colored flag and in the whole world the head of India has been shamed.

It is completely against Indian bondage and the dignity of the citizen.

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Jai Hind


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