Anusha Dandekar Hints Tv Entertainer Karan Kundra Cheated Her

Anusha Dandekar has composed a note on her separation from TV entertainer Karan Kundra. Anusha said that she has been cheated on and misled and the relationship negatively affected her sense of pride.

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TV entertainer and VJ Anusha Dandekar have shared a long note, apparently about her separation with entertainer Karan Kundra. Subsequent to preventing gossipy tidbits from getting a separation a couple of times, Anusha has at long last said that Karan cheated on her.

Anusha took to Instagram to impart a note to the furthest limit of 2020. She posted a statement by creator RM Drake about how love doesn’t need to be a steady fight. Sharing her own considerations she composed that she lost herself and her dignity in the relationship.

“So here it is before the year closes… Truly I did a show called Love School, yes I was your Love Professor, yes all that I shared and the counsel I gave has consistently been genuine and from my heart… indeed I love hard, so hard… indeed I don’t leave till there isn’t anything left for me to attempt to battle for, yes even I’m human, yes even I lost myself and a portion of my sense of pride, yes I’ve been cheated and deceived… truly I hung tight for a statement of regret, which never came, yes I learned I really needed to apologize and excuse myself… Furthermore, yes I developed, have developed, and will keep on developing from every last bit of it and take a gander at the positive,” she wrote.

Tv Entertainer Karan Cheated Anusha

Anusha and Karan co-hosted the TV show MTV Love School where they conversed with couples managing contrasts in their connections. In May, Karan had kept bits of gossip from getting separation saying,

Karan’s Quote

“Anusha gets influenced… I am being trailed by individuals and on the off chance., that somebody says something to my better half, at that point. I need to stand firm since I don’t need individuals to believe that., ‘It’s alright to not take a stand’… At whatever point it leaves hand where I need to set a model additionally, is the point at which I come in.”

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