3 Legend Ways to Work From Home Jobs- 100% Working

Work From Home Jobs: Hey, No do not get surprised by reading the title of this article, it’s more than 100% true and legit.

I know you have come across many kind of articles and blogs stating about work from home jobs and they would not be working properly.

But here you are going to go through those ways which I have personally implemented and earning too well than so called 8 hours office jobs.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore those jobs and business (we can say business also because here you will not have to report to your boss 😠  🙂)

So, Let’s Explore!

How you can earn up to $1K from Work From Home Jobs

See, earning money online is not too easy, but it’s also true that making money from home base work is also not not too hard, you just have to analyze and channelize your skills, strength and concentration.

Here you will come to know those work from home jobs from which you can earn more than your current jobs if you put some extra efforts.

1. Learn and Earn from Share Market

There is a very big myth that share market means loss. Tell me, if you do not know how to swim and directly jump into the river of lake, what will happen?

I think you have answer.

First you will have to learn the share market, analyze it, keep eyes on daily news, daily affairs, read the market for certain time and then start to invest, and do not aim to be a Millionaire in one day.

Tip  : In a starting phase of share market, invest only such amount which you can afford to lose. Then, when you feel that you have a good command, than increase the amount slowly slowly.

There are many YouTube channel, from which you can learn share market and upcoming article is dedicated on the share market also.

There are many more segments in the Share Market, you need to keep patience while learning.

  • Intra-Day
  • Delivery/Holding
  • Future – Option
  • Gold, Silver, Copper

These are not all, there are more than 10 segments, but you are advised to learn one by one.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In today’s time this is one of the fastest growing industry, and you should not wait till the saturation in this field, hence there are many years to go to become this industry saturated, but if you are looking for Work From Home Jobs, then you should not wait to other do this before you.

work from home jobs
work from home jobs

Overview of Affiliate Marketing

I know you would be thinking what is Affiliate Marketing, right?

Let’s clear by an example!

Affiliate Marketing means, a company approach you to promote their products to the customers, and if any customer purchases any product through your reference, that company will give you some percentage amount of the MRP as an affiliate commission.

There is a simple process to do so.

Just get registered on the Affiliate Product of that company, they will provide you links for each products, just promote those links to the social media, blogs, WhatsApp, or YouTube or anywhere in your network.

When any person will purchase that product by clicking the link you promoted, you will get commission in form of money.

Isn’t it the best way to earn money online from home?

3. Social Media Marketing

work from home jobs
work from home jobs

In today’s time, almost each and every middle class person is used to scroll the pages of social media, isn’t it?

Here is very big opportunity to convert your spare time into the money.

You can promote the affiliate links on social media, you can create a blog (then make AdSense approved) and share it on social media and drive the traffic, you can sell your skills on social media.

Do not know how to do?

Suppose, you have a good skill to write the article or content, then you should join the Facebook group in which you can get the client who needs a good content writers for their projects or blog, or college projects etc.

You can charge them almost 60 paisa per word, it means you write 1000 words (which takes approx. 1 hours) you will get 600 INR instant.


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